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ECOH (Employers' Coalition on Health)

Plan Design Best Practices

For years, ECOH Members have been known for maintaining some of the “richest” benefit programs in the region. Despite those efforts to subsidize a substantial portion of the cost of healthcare services, ECOH enrollees are not measurably healthier than most other segments of the population. Rich benefits alone cannot address the underlying causes of deteriorating health status of our communities.

Employers must adopt a two-pronged health benefits strategy designed to:

Incent Enrollees to take responsibility for their own health

Healthy populations are comprised of healthy individuals. Healthy individuals display healthy behaviors. Employers must develop, maintain and continuously improve a program for Health Risk Management. Working with some of our most advanced Members, ECOH has prepared a brief outline of the core principles of an effective health risk management program.

Incent Value in health care delivery

Providers should be incented to deliver high value care and enrollees should be incented to seek out high value services. Contact us about plan design initiatives that can help you accomplish this.

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